Coming Attractions

Our “sizzle” reel…


The GOLDEN NETWORK is currently a Roku-only streaming service built around the interests of senior citizens by senior citizens. We are a bunch of longtime producers, actors, filmmakers, authors, musicians and artists with a plan to monetize our films with a share of the ads served by Smart TV networks. Some of us are even award-winning entertainment producers, actors, directors, entertainers, and artists.


Exciting adventures in area’s that today’s seniors enjoy, need and want in their lives. Medical, legal, communication, travel, fashion, comedy, drama, and educational shows will be explored during the programs.

The Golden community has come together and joined with The Golden Network to bring you the best of the best shows featuring classic television series with stars like Groucho Marks, Red Skelton, Betty White and favorites of classic TV.


Giovanni Marradi is a composer, award winning pianist, arranger, inventor, and television presenter. He will bring the wonderful world of music to our network as an award-winning artist. Click below and listen to the beautiful, soothing and mesmerizing music while relaxing with friends or family. See for yourself.


Window On Our World will feature Mr. Fred Peters. Mr. Peters is currently a Lecturer at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UNLV in space related topics. OLLI is a program dedicated to seniors who want to continue their education.

Mr. Peters was the Spacecraft Project Engineer for the Spacecraft Apollo Mission with NASA. He was assigned to a specific ground or test flight Apollo spacecraft command and service module from the start of its final assembly activities at the contractor’ plant until completion of its designated mission.

Mr. Peters is retired from NASA and will bring Golden Network entertaining and educational stories about the travels through the history of the moon to the historical creation of Apollo’s landing and the people who made it all happen.


Will share programming on healthy life styles in nutrition and exercise. Professional instructors and authors of physical and mental health will be presenting options in these fields.

No matter where you are in your Golden years, we can enjoy it all together and live super, duper healthy. Let’s cook some healthy meals together, open our chi ( we had to look that up too) with yoga and get smart about a healthy lifestyle